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Erase Hidden Costs And Improve Productivity

AnyDoc's suite of products eliminates the need to manually enter the valuable data off the millions of paper documents – forms, invoices, remittances, and more – received daily at organizations worldwide. Anywhere your business uses paper documents is a good place for OCR for AnyDoc®. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on OCR for AnyDoc to capture and process data from business documents.

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Automate Data Extraction With OCR For AnyDoc

Providing state of the art classification technology eliminates the need for separator sheets and barcodes, which in turn allows organizations to automate mailroom or other document based business processes.

Effective document management is essential to the efficiency of any business. Many organizations have adopted document or content management systems for storing documents and routing them throughout their business processes.

Once information is extracted, your customized business rules are used to validate and normalize the data prior to human verification. Verified data and indexed images are then seamlessly delivered to your back-end or content management system.

Evolve Your Solution As Your Business Grows

As your business evolves, so will your data capture needs. OCR for AnyDoc is ready to grow with you, whether that means taking on new document types to automate, higher volumes or accommodating new business procedures.

As your business expands, remote locations can scan and deliver documents for data capture with AnyDoc. Whether those locations need to scan and email just a few documents on-the-fly, or perform full batch scanning, CAPTUREit is the perfect tool to extend OCR for AnyDoc’s functionality right along with your business reach.

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Key Advantages Of AnyDoc

Tallega Software carefully selects their partners based on several aspects. These range from the company strategy, partnership, support and development of the products themselves. Here a several key features that will benefit your organization:

  • AnyDoc eliminates the need to hand key information
  • Improves efficiency and lowers costs across your organization.
  • Automatically identify your document images by their document types
  • Scan just a few documents on-the-fly, or perform full batch scanning

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