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Document Management Capabilities Without Complexity

Organizations of all sizes need a flexible and secure method of managing records. Not only does this save time, it helps your team focus resources on their specialties rather than pushing paper or searching aimlessly for files. If you need a document management solution with capabilities, not complexity, FileBound is the answer.

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FileBound Delivers Real Results

By improving the way you find, share, and secure secure documents, FileBound eliminates the cost and hassles of managing them. Providing secure access to any document you need, anytime, eliminates all the time wasted looking for documents that are lost or perhaps being used by someone else.

FileBound can automate your organizations manual processes, which improves your operations and drastically cuts costs. This provides the control you need to succeed, allowing you to get more done without hiring more staff.


Flexibility And Access Anywhere

Most organization have factors that may determine how a solution is implemented, which often means they must overlook solutions due to their delivery limitations. FileBound eliminates this issue with flexible delivery solutions that work with your policies, not against it.

From in-house installation, to cloud based solutions in a secured data center, FileBound delivers what your organization needs. With the most flexible license model in the industry, FileBound and Tallega Software truly have the right solutions to meet your needs for document management.


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Key Advantages Of FileBound

Tallega Software carefully selects their partners based on several aspects. These range from the company strategy, partnership, support and development of the products themselves. Here a several key features of that will benefit your organization:

  • Browser based interface that streamlines deployment
  • Flexible licensing and installation options
  • Control and share documents in a secure manner
  • Ability to grow with your organization


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