How Can I Finally Get Rid of this Paper?



For years, capture systems have focused on scanning paper documents to create digital versions instead. This fundamental scan-and-store approach helps reduce the costs and inefficiencies of paper-intensive processes. But today, organizations are fi...

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The "cloud" is one of those overnight sensations that took years in the making.  Although it seems as though cloud computing sprung into being overnight, the fact is, cloud has been developing in its slow, deliberate way for years.  

First, there were off-site storage providers that served as...

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Latest release of Upland Software’s Document and Workflow Automation application focuses on user experience to help make organizations more efficient

(Lincoln, NE) May 20, 2014– Tallega's partner Upland Software, Inc., announced today the latest version of the FileBound product, a leading a...

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Is Your Team Suffering from the Dangers of ECM Content Obesity? 

ECM strategist George Parapadakis identifies the phenomenon of content obesity. Parapadakis describes the malady as “An organizational condition in which excess redundant information has accumulated to the extent that it may ha...

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Costs Dive Thanks to Explosive Growth of Cloud Computing

"Cloud computing" is no longer a hot word, now it's a movement and Tallega's Solutions can help your team save big.

Cloud computing can support nearly any application, so Tallega's customers are taking advantage of the cloud to:

  • Cut Imple...

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Tallega Donates Tumbler Cups and Teaches Kids About Drinking More Water

It's summertime again and hopefully you're out getting some sun!

But when the sun comes out, so does the heat, and kid's junk food habits.  With the temperatures jumping back up, Tallega wanted to take a moment to reach...

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Mobile Data Capture Technology in Use by the Big Corporate Giants, SMB's Jumping on Too with New Pricing

Delivering mobile apps that have the ability to capture information in real time, with two-way interaction, create a much more engaging experience for customers and differentiate you from th...

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In this first of a three part post, Dr. Ian Thomas, Fujitsu Strategy Director, discusses the ways in which technology shifts are opening up opportunities to apply successful lean principles to digital business models.

We see the word ‘lean’ applied to many different disciplines these days...

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Profitability in Analytics - Creating ROI 

According to, “Analytics pays back $10.66 for every dollar spent.

Software buyers may think that vendors over-hype visibility as a benefit of analytics, but in fact, the highest-ROI analytics deployments made data more availabl...

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Let's Be Honest, How Secure is the Cloud?

is the cloud safe, cloud security

That there is a real and present security danger to all computer systems, both corporate and government, is beyond dispute. But experts argue that with the right support, Cloud offers peace of mind.

UK government IT systems, for example, are known ...

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