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Mobile Data Capture Technology in Use by the Big Corporate Giants, SMB's Jumping on Too with New Pricing

Delivering mobile apps that have the ability to capture information in real time, with two-way interaction, create a much more engaging experience for customers and differentiate you from the competition. Whether you are in financial services, insurance, healthcare or government – empowering customers with the ability to self-serve by extending the capabilities of your business processes to them—wherever they are—is critical to thriving in the Age of the Customer.

Whether onboarding a customer or citizen by capturing data from their driver's license, extracting data from a bill to add a payee into your bank’s online bill pay solution, or capturing supporting documents for your mortgage process, mobile capture apps are about “meeting your customers where they are,” whenever they want and through their preferred channel.

A challenge many organizations face is selecting a closed or open platform. A closed, purpose-built mobile capture solution can be a simple solution, but usually addresses a single application (and is often sold to your competitors). An open and comprehensive platform enables organizations to control their own mobile capture destiny by applying the same capture technology from one application to many other parts of their business.

Kofax offers an open, comprehensive and extensible mobile capture platform that provides complete control over your mobile roadmap. The Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform enables you to assimilate interactive image and information capture capabilities into mobile apps, turning smartphones into powerful information capture devices.


 How Does Mobile Data Capture Affect Your Business?

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