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Why Would We Choose to Work in the Cloud?

The majority of conversation around cloud used to focus on security—with skeptics claiming the cloud was too insecure a place for an enterprise to place its data, processes and trust. But that hurdle, while still on the agenda, is no longer top of the list.  

So what is Tallega doing with it's customers that are working in the Cloud?

That accolade now rests with the subject of data locale. Data locale is, in essence, very simple to describe. It’s where your cloud data and processes live.

From a practical point of view, it tends not to be overly focused on the actual servers and buildings they reside in (the data center), but more about the country in which they are located.  This might seem like an obvious thing to consider when using cloud services, but many organizations have no idea where their data is stored or where their processes are happening.

Most of us wouldn’t ship important documents to an unknown location for storage and processing. But this is exactly what many organizations using cloud providers are inadvertently doing.  However, simply asking a cloud provider where its enterprise cloud resources are based may not help. Many cloud providers will not divulge this information. For those that actually do, it may still be difficult. The complex, distributed nature of some cloud operations (particularly file storage) means cloud resources for any given organization may be spread over many data centers, possibly even many countries.

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The Advantages of the Cloud

Location - with all of the data centers across the USA, 24/7 access to your content from Mobile Devices has never been easier

Despite these challenges, many organizations rightly see a significant benefit to be gained by moving to the cloud. So when selecting a cloud vendor, what are key things to consider in relation to data locale?  Tallega uses vendors with strong US-based cloud centers, ready to service global enterprises. We cover all of the details regarding the location of data, processing and backups for all aspects of the cloud solution.

Flexibility - Cloud offerings can cut up to 80+% of upfront investment costs and makes setup easy

Look for vendors with financial flexibility and strong solution partnerships. No cloud vendor can hope to have data centers in all of the countries required by their customers. But they can be responsive and flexible when faced with a cloud blind spot and work with local hosting partners to deliver a solution that works for all. Tallega works with our customers to develop the best combination of financial and techonolgical solutions.

Scalability - Tallega's Cloud solutions allow room for our customers to grow and scale on-demand

As enterprise consumers become more cloud-savvy, their requirements will naturally develop and grow more demanding. While the cloud may happily remain a mythical location “somewhere in the sky” where consumers store photos of their loved ones, this is not the case for the enterprise needing to demonstrate effective governance of its information. Tallega will work with you to establish a long term plan for growth in your new solution.



Those moving to the cloud need to do so with absolute confidence. The cloud industry has answered initial objections relating to security. Now it is time to provide transparency and flexibility regarding where Cloud Data is stored and how your vendor is helping you generate profit.

Partners like Tallega make sure our customers get the best mixture of competitive pricing and the highest quality service available in the ECM Industry.

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