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It's Time to Squash the Cash Flow Monster in Your Closet

Avoiding the Cash Flow Crunch - 3 Ways to Win Accounts Payable Automation from Derek Gerber

Do you struggle with Cash Flow cycles from month to month? Tallega helps it's clients maximize their business efficiencies by automating processes...

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ABBYY FlexiCapture For Invoices Cuts Down On Accounts Payable Expenses

Increase AP Productivity While Lowering Invoice Processing Costs


MILPITAS, Calif. (March 11, 2015) — ABBYY®, a leading provider of technology that helps businesses effectively action information, today anno...

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Today's businesses are suffering from internal processing jams.  They hardly review their processes, continue to complain about the inefficiencies, but never make a change and insist "That's the way we have always done it."  WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!

That workflow and information play...

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The level of polarization around whether enterprise businesses should leverage Open Source or Proprietary Software to power its IT Solutions, is akin to a political debate. Discussion quickly intensifies, and depending on who you talk to, both forms of development come with advantage...

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Why Would We Choose to Work in the Cloud?

The majority of conversation around cloud used to focus on security—with skeptics claiming the cloud was too insecure a place for an enterprise to place its data, processes and trust. But that hurdle, while still on the agenda, is no longer top of the l...

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The Power of Eletronic and Web Forms

We all live in a world where there appears to be a FORM for everything!  Application forms, order forms, request forms and claim forms just to name a few. The days of the traditional paper-based form are now numbered, as we seem to find it easier to find ...

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ABBYY Gets HIPAA and SOC 2 Compliance

Tallega has just returned from the ABBYY Technology Summit 2014 with some great news for our HEALTHCARE & MEDICAL Customers!

This major milestone for ABBYY USA opens new growth opportunities for our partners. The company was rigorously audited by Lin...

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OCR Scanning is Changing the Way We Do Business

Once upon a time, the idea of attaining a paperless office seemed a bit like the business management version of scaling Mt. Everest. These days we’re all a lot closer to the summit than we might have ever expected.

The digitization of records...

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Tallega Returns from ABBYY's Partner & Technology Summit 2014

We at Tallega love working with our partners over at ABBYY USA. They're technology is superb, and their team is phenomenal to work with. They always respond and they always want to make sure things are right.

This past month, Tall...

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Click the link to learn more about how using Eletronic Forms can generate additional revenues



The Challenge:

Automate the entry of faxed and scanned test forms into Audio Digest Foundation’s customer ac...

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