ABBYY Gets HIPAA and SOC 2 Compliance

Tallega has just returned from the ABBYY Technology Summit 2014 with some great news for our HEALTHCARE & MEDICAL Customers!

This major milestone for ABBYY USA opens new growth opportunities for our partners. The company was rigorously audited by Lin...

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OCR Scanning is Changing the Way We Do Business

Once upon a time, the idea of attaining a paperless office seemed a bit like the business management version of scaling Mt. Everest. These days we’re all a lot closer to the summit than we might have ever expected.

The digitization of records...

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The Power of Eletronic and Web Forms

We all live in a world where there appears to be a FORM for everything!  Application forms, order forms, request forms and claim forms just to name a few. The days of the traditional paper-based form are now numbered, as we seem to find it easier to find ...

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Tallega Returns from ABBYY's Partner & Technology Summit 2014

We at Tallega love working with our partners over at ABBYY USA. They're technology is superb, and their team is phenomenal to work with. They always respond and they always want to make sure things are right.

This past month, Tall...

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The Challenge:

Automate the entry of faxed and scanned test forms into Audio Digest Foundation’s customer accounts database – and eliminate costly and error-prone manual data entry.

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Overwhelming the capabilities of 1990’s f...

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The Tallega Corner: World Paper Free Day

Tallega celebrates World Paper Free Day, and breaks down how companies are getting rid of their paper.

Hosted by Derek Gerber, Sr. ECM and Marketing Consultant
Tallega Software

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Automating the AP Process

Invoice Capture

From an AP standpoint, the process starts with receipt of the invoice and capture of the invoice data.  There are three main methods to receive and load invoice data into the AP system

Scanning and data capture technology:  Scanning and data capture h...

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The Tallega Corner: Mobile Document Management Solutions

We recently ran a survey across our customers, partners, and vendors. The question asked what brands are deployed with their companies and the results are very surprising!

Hosted by Derek Gerber, Sr. ECM and Marketing Consultant
Tallega Softw...

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What Your Filing Cabinets Really Cost You

It is only a matter of time until having our documents managed electronically will be considered normal practice. Unfortunately, a majority of businesses are managing documents the way they have always managed documents, with ring binders, hanging files...

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How Can I Finally Get Rid of this Paper?



For years, capture systems have focused on scanning paper documents to create digital versions instead. This fundamental scan-and-store approach helps reduce the costs and inefficiencies of paper-intensive processes. But today, organizations are fi...

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