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Harness The Power And Flexibility Of Natural Input To Automate Forms-Based Data Capture At The Point Of Entry

ExpeData is pleased to announce the release of naturalFORMS version 1.4. This latest version for iPad available now on theAppStore℠ includes exciting user interface and feature functionality enhancements delivering the most accurate and efficient data capture available on tablet devices.

naturalFORMS®, ExpeData's next-generation enterprise forms application, automates the collection of handwriting and other methods of natural input at the point of entry. Captured information is immediately converted to digital data, verified for accuracy, validated with enterprise rules, and seamlessly integrated to backend systems. This straight-through processing capability eliminates third party data entry and verification as well as related cycle time delays, resulting in unsurpassed workflow optimization and significant cost savings.

New Features:

- Calculated Fields:
Perform an automatic calculation based on the input in designated e-form fields or sheet variables.
- Automatic E-form Review Improves Data Accuracy:
naturalFORMS has the capability to perform an automatic e-form review, which ensures that the data is accurate and complete (based on the definition of the e-form) prior to submission of an e-form instance. The color of the checkmark below tells the user immediately whether the e-form instance is ready to submit, or if corrections must be made.
- Complete E-form Instances in One Tap with Multiple Data Import Options:
Users can automatically pre-populate data onto e-form instances, decreasing the time to complete each e-form instance. The data import process is secure, as naturalFORMS can be configured to require login prior to importing the data. Along the same lines, naturalFORMS users also have the ability to copy the field input on an e-form instance and paste that field input on another instance of the same e-form.

Unparralled eForm Functionality:

- Custom Business Forms:
Leverages existing business forms which can be customized with field level rules to meet enterprise requirements. Custom form definition services are available for an additional fee. The solution supports users that have already deployed digital writing via digital pen and paper technology. Forms previously defined for paper can be leveraged for tablet use.

- Natural and Efficient Input Options:
Allows users to easily and efficiently complete forms using the optimum input method for each type of field. Input methods include printed and cursive handwriting, checkbox and radio button input, option lists for easy selection of common items, visual inputs such as a date and time wheels, and a virtual keyboard if necessary.Advanced graphical and photo inputs are also supported by naturalFORMS. Users can take a photo with the device camera, annotate as needed and attach to the form, make notes or mark-up diagrams or schematics, and create freehand drawings. The solution also captures handwritten signatures.naturalFORMS even captures GPS coordinates for enhanced accountability and operational control. Because the solution uses natural input, user training is minimal and adoption is quick.

- Immediate Data Verification at the Point of Entry:
Provides instant feedback regarding handwriting interpretation accuracy and eliminates third party verification and data entry. Immediate notification is given if the user does not fully complete the form or adhere to the field level rules.

- Seamless Integration:
Includes a complete library of APIs in our Software Development Kit (sold separately), allowing high quality data to securely flow directly into enterprise systems, accelerating the business process.

- Security:
Leverages the highly secure EDW® platform which uses a role-based model to regulate user accessand privileges. Multi-level password protection restricts access to captured data and images, enabling a device to be safely shared by multiple users.

- Support for Mobile Workforce (Work On & Offline):
Allows mobile workers to collect and process forms even when wireless and Wi-Fi network services are not available. Users can also print and email forms directly from the application.

Who Uses the iPad with the NaturalForms Application?

Any industry involved in a paper-based workforce. With one-touch workflow automation, you can cut down the typical 8 STEP paper-based workflow process into only a 2 STEP procedure:

- Healthcare
- Transportation
- Home Service
- Factory Floor
- Contracts
- Field Service
- Insurance
- Contruction
- Police/emergency services, landscapre design, athletics, marketing surveys, fashion, nursery management, field sales,

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