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ECM, Big Data, and Document Management Information

AIIM Whitepaper: The SharePoint Puzzle - Adding the Missing Pieces

Internal collaboration, file share replacement and the creation of an intranet/portal are the primary drivers for SharePoint deployment, with Central IT making the original decision to implement the solution and being responsible for on-going management. Deployment in many organizations is now truly enterprise-wide, especially in small businesses, with over 70% having at least half of their staff using SharePoint once a week or more. However, most are not using SharePoint as their primary ECM system and almost half run alternative ECM systems alongside SharePoint. Download our document and find out where you stand.

AIIM Whitepaper: Process Revolution - Moving Your Business from Paper to PCs to Tablets 

We have been scanning documents and moving them around the business electronically for over 25 years, but to match today’s speed-of-business we must mobilize content at the earliest opportunity. Recent advances in scanning, imaging and recognition technologies have dramatically improved the concept of the digital mailroom, converting documents to digital format as soon as they enter the building, and beyond that, converting captured data from scanned documents and forms, and feeding it directly to the business process. Once content is moved from paper to PC, the response times and the flexibility of the process can be matched to the speed of other communication channels – email, web, social, etc

Case Study: Piggly Wiggly by Perceptive Software

Piggly Wiggly Carolina Copmany, Inc. (PWCC) was founded in 1912 to supply a small network of independently owned grocery stores with goods at wholesale prices. Today, PWCC serves over 115 different PWCC stores in South Carolina, Northa Carolina and Georgia. PWCC knew that storing documents in file cabinets and generating hard copies of every report for every store was vehemently inefficient. Administrators needed to reclaim their office space and reduce overhead by making their documents more readily available. Perceptive stepped in and implemented their ImageNow document management software. PWCC now saves over $223,000 a year. Find out how Perceptive Software did it now.

AIIM Whitepaper: The Paper Free Office - Dream or Reality? 

Since the invention of the typewriter, offices have been drowning in paper. Painstakingly typed letters with barely readable carbon copies filled desks and cabinets until the arrival of computers and photocopiers. But they just made things so much worse. Thankfully, in the email, internet and socially connected world of today, the paper letter is at last falling away. Even with all of this paperless solutions, the world still printed 1 TRILLION pieces of paper back in 2011.  AIIM's whitepaper analyzes the following in terms of what it would take to make your office paperless.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade your Gauss™ System with FileBound

Paying annual software support fees is nothing new. What you should expect in return is responsive technical support and continued product development. Continued development is critical; without it, your solution will notkeep pace with your line of business applications and you will find yourself creating workarounds for features that should be part of the product. Here are just some of the very serious reasons to upgrade your expired Gauss™ SpyView System to FileBound today. 

Tallega Whitepaper: Companies Find that Calculating ROI on ECM Not that Difficult 

From e-mail to enterprise content management (ECM), organizations want ananalysis of the costs and benefits of a proposed technology investment to be certain it will pay for itself in results and efficiencies, explained Eric Bur, who has been chief financial officer for both a private and a public company and is now executive vice president of corporate development for Perceptive Software. Tallega helps break down where and howother customers have found their return on investment (ROI) on their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

Top 10 Excuses for Not Considering Document Management This Year and How to Overcome Them

We find customers with plenty of excuses that you might relate too for not making the investment into automatic workflow and document management technologies. Take a look at how the AIIM analysts broke this phenomenon down and tell you how to overcome these obstacles.

AnyDoc Whitepaper: Overcoming the Top Pitfalls in AP Manual Invoice Processing

Organizations often succumb to these 7 common pitfalls within their AP departments, leaving their companies vulnerable to human error and loss of vital documentation.

IDC WhitePaper: The High Cost of Not Finding Information

More and more do we find that many people don't understand how much money it costs when you simply cannot find the information you need. Everyone can and should be completely integrated with one another. You should never say, "I can't find it." Neither should your employees.  Take a look at how the IDC analysts broke this phenomenom down.

Tallega Whitepaper: Is SharePoint a Document Management System?

Is SharePoint a true document management system? We discuss this very popular topic in this whitepaper. There are numerous things you need to consider before hiring developers to custom build your own solution.

Tallega Guide: 8 Ways to Choose the Right Scanner for Your Needs

There are thousands of different options for choosing the right document imaging scanner for your organization, but which one is right for you? Scanners today need to be able the volume you throw at it. Specific legal, medical, HR and AP claims processing forms can be complicated too. In this document we outline the best questions to answer before making a selection.

AIIM Whitepaper: Systems of Engagement & the Future of Enterprise IT

Over the past decade, there has been a fundamental change in the axis of IT innovation.  New document imaging and electronic enterprise content management systems have become vastly available and affordable for any business.  A Sea of Change is coming to your IT world, but where is it headed?

Web CPA: Document Management in the Cloud 

"To the Cloud!" is the latest from Microsoft and Windows. Many providers are moving their software to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Most people still aren't sure if this is the best solution for them. However, this short discussion reassures that "the Cloud" just might be the best tool at your disposal.

AIIM Whitepaper: State of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Industry

Over the last few years, Enterprise Content Management has been one of the fastest growing areas of IT. Driven by the need to contain AP, HR, legal, medical and other document chaos, companies are looking to maximize employee productivity and maximum vision across the whole enterprise. Take some time to learn more about your organization's information and how it can be bogging you down.

Altosoft Whitepaper - A New Frontier for Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) has been used for decades to improve a company’s relationship with its customers, build better products, open new markets in appropriate areas, and increase revenues. The next leap forward for BI then is to extend its capabilities to monitor, analyze, and improve an organization’s critical operational processes.