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AS400 and iSeries Document Management

S4i provides electronic document management and disk management solutions for iSeries, AS/400 and IBM System i. With a strong commitment to continuously delivering trusted value, S4i's customer and service driven team provides project design, implementation and project management services to ensure a successful software deployment.

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S4i Provides Scalable Solutions

Reduce costs related to labor, paper, preprinted forms, and distribution with professional electronic documents that are easily created from IBM i (OS/400 or i5/OS) spool files.

It is a complete document delivery system that electronically captures, separates, indexes, bundles, and delivers or archives documents and reports. When you're ready to begin your paperless journey, S4i Systems is ready to help with a scalable electronic document management solution for businesses small and large.


Streamline Your Report Distribution

S4i Express automates the electronic delivery of information that is specific to the recipient’s mission. Fast web‐based document retrieval reduces printer use and permits instant access to reports from any desktop with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. 

It provides flexible control but yet a central repository for the EDM process with minimal effort while integrating with virtually all System i software applications. S4i Express uses simple, on‐screen point‐and‐select user defined rules to burst system i reports into segments by page, line or field. 


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Key Advantages Of S4i Systems

Tallega Software carefully selects their partners based on several aspects. These range from the company strategy, partnership, support and development of the products themselves. Here a several key features of that will benefit your organization:

  • Uses simple, on‐screen point‐and‐select user defined rules 
  • Automates the process of creating document bundles from report segments
  • Built‐in accessibility for document imaging and workflow
  • Rules based architecture makes it easy for all to use


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