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Complete Range Of Smart Business Applications

From data migration to analytics, Tallega Software is your partner for smart business applications . If you have questions about Big Data or predictive analytics please contact us today or call 657-900-4748.



Altosoft makes business intelligence work. Altosoft's process‐aware solutions eliminate the cost and complexity of conventional business intelligence while delivering advanced functionality for operational performance improvement.

Altosoft delivers critical enablers needed to transform existing business intelligence into a powerful, flexible engine of competitive advantage, adding essential process monitoring and analysis capability. For additional info on AltoSoft, click here.

Fujitsu Interstage

Fujitsu Interstage is a complete suite of modular and flexible software that helps companies continuously visualize and optimize their business operations with governance in place.

The product enables business users to automatically discover and then monitor in real-time business activities and business processes spanning the extended enterprise. For additional info on Fujitsu Interstage, click here.

Kapow Software

For many companies, a content migration project is the first enterprise-wide data management initiative. Usually content migrations, especially for large sites, can be extremely tedious and manual so that the bare minimum is done to get the content in.

Kapow Software enables you to enrich legacy and unstructured content without relying on manual processes, custom scripting or connectors.. For additional info on Kapow Software, click here.



Reniew is designed for any organization who needs help automating their contract renewals. Whether it is maintaining hardware, software or whatever, Reniew will help you get the job done faster and more affordably than existing alternatives.

Maintenance dollars are an extremely vital piece of your organization and it’s time you took it by the horns. You don’t want to manage everything in spreadsheets or be limited by an in-house system anymore.To learn more about contract renewal solutions, click here.



RunMyProcess is a platform as a service (PaaS) from Fujitsu that allows you to build, integrate & run workflow-based applications. Now, thanks to their platform, you can not only build your customised application, but also deploy and run it, as well as integrate it with any other system, cloud or legacy.

If you know how to draw a flow chart, then you know how to design a business process with RunMyProcess. With full control over the process status and instant access to key performance indicators, your organization will save more time than ever without worrying about writting code. To learn more about drag and drop process automation, click here.


Advantages Of Working With Tallega Software

Tallega Software carefully selects their partners based on several aspects. These range from the company strategy, partnership, support and development of the products themselves. Here are several key benefis for your organization:

  • We offer a wide range of solutions to fit your needs
  • Flexible installation options for cloud or on premise systems
  • Industry knowlege on the latest features and benefits

If you have any questions, please contact us today for more information on our capture solutions!

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