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Every Back Office Process. One ECM Solution.

No matter your industry or department, Tallega's multitude of document management solutions are built for ease of use and rapid deployment, enabling you to quickly create efficiency across the organization.

Not every business environment is the same and we understand that. That's why we want to make sure the product fits your environment. Tallega will never have to force-fit just one product because our flexibility in licensing and financing options can show you ROI on ECM in one year.

Support the foundation of your back office operations with Tallega's enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, which are specially designed to electronically manage the business content that is critical to your organization's bottom line.

With our back office solutions, easily capture, access and track documents and information in any process, including human resources, accounting, legal, payroll, SaaS Solutions and contract management.

Accounts Payable Workflow Solutions

Procurement Processing Invoice Processing e-Invoicing Payment Capture Expense Reporting Purchase Card Processing

Staying focused is more important than ever, especially when searching for ways to cut costs, increase productivity and generate ROI. With just one initiative — using Tallega's invoice scanning and invoice workflow solutions to electronically manage accounts payable (AP) and other financial documents — your organization could introduce an accounts payable workflow to improve the bottom line.

According to a recent study, accounts payable and other financial departments deploying software such as Tallega's Software for accounting and financials can expect a 40 percent increase in worker productivity in the first year. Ben Adams, business innovations manager at Bentall Kennedy, reports that Bentall achieved payback on its ImageNow investment in 11 months and saves $1 million annually from efficiencies created by the system.

Tallega has helped many organizations do more with less by streamlining document-intensive, back-office routines like invoice scanning in accounts payable workflow. But document management, document imaging and invoice workflow in AP is just the beginning. Through a combination of supporting multiple leading ECM technologies, industry expertise and proven success, Tallega is uniquely qualified to deliver immediate efficiencies in procurement processing, payment capture, expense reporting, purchase card (p-card) processing and any other areas across the accounting department.

Jump-Start Profitability and Productivity

Tallega can seamlessly integrate with any existing financial application with our OCR scanning software and our document management systems (such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Lawson, PeopleSoft and others) and process so staff can easily:

  • Organize all types of documents from any source to boost productivity
  • Link documents to records in any business application for instant retrieval
  • Route related documents automatically for fast approval and payment
  • Resolve vendor or other issues in seconds with real-time access to information
  • Automate routine tasks so staff can focus on exceptions and critical issues
  • Centralize documents in a single electronic repository to simplify daily tasks
  • Quickly find outstanding invoices and pertinent paperwork for reconciliation
  • Analyze productivity statistics, identify bottlenecks and more with reporting

Procurement Processing

Of all the complexities that surround procurement, time-consuming searches for the right information are the most costly to your team's effectiveness. With Tallega Solutions for procurement processing, important documents such as purchase requests, pricing agreements, correspondence, proofs of delivery and more are just a click away — quickly improving staff efficiency and decision making.

Tallega can integrate seamlessly with any ERP, procurement or other business application to provide instant access to the documents that support the tasks you're currently focused on. Regardless of whether the original source was paper, electronic or received through an e-invoicing provider such as OB10—all documents are organized, secured and centrally located for immediate retrieval.

What results is a dramatic boost in productivity that immediately improves processing from procurement to payment and across your organization.

Using Tallega's document management solutions for procurement processing, you can:

  • Access all documents related to a procurement project with a single click
  • Direct purchase requests automatically through review, evaluation and fulfillment
  • Manage collaborative RFI, RFQ or RFP documents from creation to submission
  • Streamline the supplier selection process to make better purchasing decisions
  • Simplify supplier contract management and automate processes for expiring contracts
  • Communicate more effectively by sharing information instantly with internal and external clients

Invoice Processing

Accounts payable is one of the most paper-intensive areas within your organization. Success depends on how accurately and efficiently staff can process the invoices and other documents that influence daily routines.

With Tallega's invoice processing solutions — developed using ImageNow and our other ECM products —you can easily capture, organize, access, manage and route any type of invoice or other document alongside any business application and process.

Seamless integration with your financial applications ensures swift processing, timely reimbursement and increased opportunities for supplier discounts. Tallega also enhances the benefits of e-invoicing services leader OB10, allowing you to capture and route rendered invoice images in concert with your financial application.

Standard and Advanced Solutions

Solutions range from a standard invoice processing solution that allows you to scan, route and key invoices into your financial applications from a scanned image to more advanced solutions that incorporate features such as Invoice eForms and the intelligent OCR capabilities of Tallega's document scanning and document management products.

These advanced solutions further reduce costs and boost productivity in AP by automatically collecting data from invoices and other sources to automate processes, validate totals, assign GL codes, enter GL distributions and more.

Using Tallega's document management for invoice processing, you can:

  • Receive and process all types of invoices, regardless of source, format or location
  • Organize all invoices and e-invoices from all sources in one place for timely processing and instant retrieval
  • Support any AP approach — centralized, decentralized or shared services
  • Extract information from invoices to eliminate time-consuming data entry tasks
  • Synchronize documents and data with ERP and financial applications
  • Streamline matching, approval and payment to reduce manual steps and errors
  • Cut processing time with single-click access to all invoice-related documents


Managing paper, faxes and e-mail is just one part of finding an effective solution for streamlining your invoice process. According to the 2010 Paystream Advisors Report, e-invoicing is a quickly growing trend among organizations. E-invoicing grew 10 percent from 2009 to 2010, and more than 10 percent growth is predicted for the coming year.

For organizations like these who want to take advantage of e-invoicing technology, Tallega partners with e-invoicing leaders to create an efficient, streamlined invoice process that eliminates paper at its source, while still providing a document that’s easily accessible when needed.

As a customer of Tallega, you can eliminate paper, scanning and data entry. OB10 converts the invoice data provided by your suppliers into your preferred format, transmits it directly to your financial system, and renders an image of the invoice. Tallega takes care of formatting invoice data to each member’s needs, allowing you and your suppliers to quickly send and receive data in any way, from anywhere.

Tallega extends the value of your document management software by allowing you to link invoice images along with their transactional data to your financial application for further processing and instant retrieval.

Using Tallega's document management software for e-invoicing, you can:

  • Eliminate paper processing
  • Provide instant access to invoice images directly from your financial system
  • Reduce data-entry errors and increase accuracy
  • Cut processing time with single-click access to all invoice-related documents
  • Organize invoices from all sources in one place for timely processing and instant retrieval
  • Streamline matching, approval and payment by routing invoice-related documents alongside your financial application

Payment Capture

As organizations adopt new payment technologies at different rates, accounts payable teams are often left juggling various formats of data from a wide range of sources. Tallega helps bridge the gap by enabling you to capture, organize and manage check images and electronic payment data automatically, putting a valuable piece of documentation just a click away.

Behind the scenes, Tallega's document management and OCR scanning software works with virtually any printing system to collect electronic versions of checks without extra effort. Tallega can extract and use check data to further speed processes from procurement to payment or collect transaction data from electronic payments in order to create images when needed.

Incorporating payment images into your accounts payable routine ensures that you'll always have instant access to a complete packet of documents related to every invoice. Tallega puts more information at your fingertips so you can accomplish more, faster and without the pain of manual invoice processing.

Using Tallega's document management solutions for payment capture, you can:

  • Capture check images from internal or external check printing systems automatically
  • Retrieve information for all types of payments—electronic funds transfers or printed checks—from one place
  • Link the images automatically to related invoices and purchase orders using payment data
  • Replace time-consuming check searches with self-service, single-click access from business applications
  • Assemble checks and related documents quickly to simplify audit and post-payment processes
  • Resolve vendor payment questions in seconds by instantly viewing captured checks

Expense Reporting

By providing instant, integrated access to receipts and other expense documents from your business applications and web portals, Tallega dramatically decreases the time it takes to submit, review, approve, bill and report on expenses. Tallega also eliminates manual sorting and entry by automatically binding receipts to associated expense reports in your financial software.

Throughout the expense process, Tallega helps keep a complete audit trail and tracks every receipt and document. Tallega also supports your reporting requirements, manages all exceptions and verifies that all receipts are connected to valid transactions.

Using Tallega's document management systems for expense reporting and expense management, you can:

  • Create a secure repository for all travel- and expense-related documents
  • Compile and send receipts, time sheets and other billing documents quickly
  • Enhance expense control by comparing expenses against receipts
  • Reduce workload by shifting receipt-expense matching to submitting personnel
  • Minimize the potential for lost, misplaced, destroyed or orphaned items

Purchase Card Processing

Using purchase cards (p-cards) provides your organization with a number of benefits, such as increased cost controls and streamlined ordering and payment. While simplified, p-card processing still requires a documentation trail that can impede even the most effective approach.

By easily capturing and managing receipts, packing slips and other documents associated with p-card transactions, you can provide instant access to information that supports reconciliation, reporting and other procedures. Tallega also offers advanced automation and data collection options that dramatically accelerate steps like assigning GL codes.

Using Tallega's document management systems for purchase card processing, you can:

  • Link transaction documentation with p-card records to speed payment processes
  • Reduce improper card use by distributing policies automatically to applicable staff
  • Collect and safeguard all card-related documentation in the secure ImageNow repository
  • Direct documents automatically through settlement workflow, from review to general ledger
  • Ease reporting, reconciliation and audit preparation by rapidly collating p-card documentation

Contract Management

Sales Agreements Procurement Contracts Legal Contracts

Manage Contracts with Ease

Managing the content within your organization’s contracts is complex enough without the added burden of all the paperwork and administrative tasks involved.

Tallega's document management solutions for contract management help you simplify the contract management process and decrease the time it takes to capture, review and approve the contracts that are so critical to the daily operation of your organization. Tallega's contract management software ensures key members of your organization can access the most recent version of a contract from anywhere, at anytime, making your contract management processes more streamlined.

With easy-to-use features, Tallega offers your staff the ability retain visibility throughout the contract lifecycle, managing revenue and expenses, enabling easier document workflow and helping to support compliance.

Tallega's document management solutions help you:

  • Increase visibility of contracts throughout their lifecycle
  • Effortlessly manage versions with check-out/check-in of contracts from a central repository
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all contracts and their versions
  • Automate notifications for renewals, ensuring ample time for renegotiation
  • Secure contracts and ensure compliance
  • Enable reporting to identify areas of potential risk or satisfy audit requests
  • Simplify the authorization process with electronic signatures

Sales Agreements

Streamline Contract Workflow

It’s critical to keep everyone on the same page when managing sales agreements, but with all the back-and-forth involved, a manual system can easily lead to confusion.

With powerful document control and workflow features, Tallega's document management solutions for contract management provide an effortless way to manage sales agreements. At any point in the contract lifecycle, whether you are creating a new contract or renewing an existing one, you can check out the latest version of the document, check in a new version, review an audit trail, sign the contract electronically and more.

Tallega's document management solutions let you:

  • Provide reviewers instant access to sales agreements from anywhere, anytime
  • Assign tasks with instructions for reviewers to clarify and streamline processes
  • Automate workflow based on the contents of the contract, such as contract value, or use ad hoc routing to instantly send the contract to an approver
  • Maintain a complete audit trail by requiring document check-out/check-in
  • Receive notifications when contracts are up for renewal, leaving ample time for renegotiation
  • Run reports on the contents of contracts to easily answer questions and provide required information to auditors

Procurement Contracts

Streamline the Purchase Orders Process

Well-run procurement contract processes can potentially help you negotiate better terms for your organization, but manually juggling contract deadlines and details makes it difficult to identify and take advantage of those opportunities.

From initiation to negotiation to renegotiation, Tallega's procurement contract management solution keeps everyone on the same page and ensures you have time to renegotiate contracts for possible savings or additional earnings for your organization when contracts are due to renew or expire.

Tallega's document management solutions let you:

  • Gain instant access to procurement contracts from anywhere, anytime
  • Easily assign tasks and route contracts to approvers via workflow
  • Maintain complete version history with document check-out/check-in
  • Receive notifications when contracts are up for renewal, leaving ample time for renegotiation
  • Report on contents of contracts to easily answer contract-related questions and provide required information to auditors

Human Resources

Employee Recruitment Employee OnBoarding Employee Management Employee Self-Service Employee OffBoarding Human Resource Compliance

HR Document Management Reduces Paper and Speeds Up HR Processes

Tallega's document management solutions for human resources simplify daily HR tasks by giving your HR staff instant access to documents whenever they’re needed. Employee information and forms –whether they originate from your HRIS, another HR application or as paper documents -- are available immediately with a single click.

Our document management and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions for HR integrate smoothly with all your employee management software, including solutions for recruiting, onboarding and performance. The connection to electronic personnel files is seamless – users access information within the HR software applications they use every day.

Even if most employee documents are already digital, our HR solutions document output management features help speed up HR processes. Forms can be completed electronically by employees, then sent in batches to third-party administrators (TPAs) and other providers.

With Tallega's document management and ECM solutions for HR, you can:

  • Automatically capture and index documents from any source
  • Track HR documents and remove processing bottlenecks
  • Access electronic personnel files from your HRIS or other HR software solutions
  • Reduce paper and storage costs

Employee Recruitment

Give your HR staff the ability to quickly fulfill your company’s human resources recruiting and talent acquisition goals with recruitment solutions from Tallega.

Document management, document OCR scanning and workflow from Tallega allows authorized users instant access to documents needed for employee recruitment, such as resumés, applications and background checks. So your HR staff can easily share information with hiring managers and recruiters, as well as track the progress of each candidate — from application to hiring – and keep your talent acquisition strategy moving ahead.

Using Tallega's document management for recruitment solutions, you can:

  • Automatically capture all applicant materials sent to you via hard copy, fax and e-mail and link them to applicant records in HRIS, such as Lawson or PeopleSoft, and applicant tracking software such as Taleo, SilkRoad or iCIMS
  • Access all documents related to a job applicant with a single click
  • Electronically route applicant materials to hiring managers and recruiters so your hiring team can select the best candidate and extend an offer
  • Monitor applicant documents via workflow, so you always know where applicants are in the HR recruitment process

Employee OnBoarding

Tallega's ECM technology automates and streamlines new employee onboarding. Forms and new hire paperwork, such as direct deposit authorizations, insurance enrollment forms and confidentiality agreements, can be easily linked to the appropriate electronic personnel record in your HR software, along with any pertinent documents from the hiring process.

Powerful document management and workflow features make it easy for your HR staff to be sure all necessary documentation has been collected. Individual forms can be sent securely and quickly for timely completion of onboarding tasks in other departments, such as payroll, benefits, security and IT.

Tallega document management onboarding solution lets you:

  • Manage multiple documents associated with an individual for every stage within the onboarding process and link them to the electronic personnel records in your HR software
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce storage costs by electronically capturing and storing any type of document
  • Protect employees’ privacy with rich security controls and redaction of sensitive information
  • Access all documents through your existing HR application to minimize user training issues and speed deployment

Employee Management

Simplify Employee Management Tasks

Tallega's ECM and document output management solutions improve employee records management by letting you electronically manage HR documentation such as personnel action forms, performance evaluations and leaves of absence, even if the information is in paper form.

Documents and information associated with complicated processes, such as absence and leave management, can be tracked through easy-to-use workflow features. Benefits administration tasks go more smoothly because forms can be completed electronically by employees, then sent in batches to third-party administrators (TPAs) and other providers.

More efficient employee record management means your HR staff can get more done and deliver better, more timely service to all your employees.

With Tallega document management solutions for employee management, you can:

  • Improve the leave management process by easily collecting all documentation and sharing information instantly with payroll, benefits or other departments
  • Track performance and disciplinary documents through each stage of the process, and ensure follow-up tasks are completed
  • Simplify handling personnel action forms for pay raises, promotions and other actions
  • Reduce manual administration tasks with online submission of data, automatic routing for approval and instant uploading of information to your HRIS and payroll system

Employee Self-Service

Employee Access to Records Frees up HR Staff

Tallega's powerful ECM software integrates seamlessly with your HR portals, including PeopleSoft, Lawson, Microsoft SharePoint or other familiar portals, giving employees easy access to authorized digital images and electronic documents in their own personnel files.

When employees have direct access to their own documents online, they feel more empowered, and your HR staff can focus on their work without constant interruption.

Using Tallega's ECM solutions for HR portals and employee self-service, you can:

  • Allow employees online access to their documents, while limiting access to confidential details
  • Integrate with any HR portal, including Microsoft SharePoint portals, providing a user-friendly environment
  • Free your HR staff from tedious administrative tasks
  • Easily track each time a document is accessed for internal or external audits

Employee OffBoarding

Tallega's document management solutions for offboarding help your HR staff manage documentation for employee separation to ensure a smooth process. Workflow features allow you to automatically set a separation checklist into action for all necessary departments, speeding up the employee termination process.

With easy-to-use document management, employee information can be managed from a central location and shared with other departments, so they can instantly view and update only the information they need to see.

Tallega's document management HR solutions for offboarding allow you to:

  • Centralize and secure employee information with separation checklists that allow appropriate personnel to view and submit employee data
  • Automatically notify payroll, benefits and IT of pending separation tasks to expedite the process
  • Track the employee termination process from beginning to end by maintaining visibility of information and workflow progress
  • Expedite the employee termination process by routing documentation and related information to multiple contacts simultaneously
  • Secure employee data by redacting sensitive information and blocking access to confidential documents

Human Resource Compliance

Tallega's ECM solutions for HR give your HR staff a user-friendly way to track and log documents mandated by the Department of Labor, the EEOC, JCAHO and Homeland Security. It’s time-saving technology that makes it easier to meet HR compliance standards and be ready for HR audits.

You can grant auditors temporary access privileges to electronic documents, eliminating the need to find and retrieve paper folders. With our products and experience, our HR document management solutions help you address complex employee eligibility verification issues. So you can keep up with frequently changing I-9 regulations and still manage daily HR tasks effectively and efficiently.

Using Tallega's document management ECM solutions for human resources compliance, you can:

  • Make sure employee records contain mandatory HR documents, such as I-9s, and are in compliance with changing regulations
  • Instantly view, e-mail, print or export exact copies of documents
  • Easily collect and route specific documents to auditors
  • Locate documents relevant to an auditing process in real time from any location
  • Enable remote document access for auditors from a web browser or a portal like Microsoft SharePoint



Remove Obstacles to Speed Payroll Processes

Essential to every organization is an efficient and smoothly running payroll department. Expectations are high — not only are there strict time limits in each pay period and increasingly complicated legal guidelines to follow, but your employees' livelihoods depend on the consistent delivery of your services and their salaries.

To streamline processes and improve compliance with rules and regulations, leading organizations are adopting new ideas for creating greater efficiency within their payroll departments. Tallega's document management software and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions are designed to do just that.

Our payroll software is just one element of Tallega's Back Office Solutions, helping unify your core operations by effortlessly connecting payroll activities to human resources and financial departments if and when needed. Best of all, our solutions ensure easy access to documents and information for authorized users, while employing proven, industry-standard security features to keep others out.

Tallega's document management, document OCR scanning and workflow functionality from added to your organization's payroll processes provides many benefits, including:

  • Manage all payroll-related documents and information, such as attendance sheets, leave cards, tax forms, e-mail, checks and more in a secure repository

  • Access all documents related to a payroll period with a single click

  • Direct payroll and other change requests through an easily configured workflow approval process

  • Check in and check out shared documents to improve collaboration and protect document integrity

  • Compile and send time sheets, expense reports and receipts quickly

  • Swiftly and effortlessly access payroll records for internal or external audits

  • Employ an industry-leading security architecture to ensure that sensitive files are viewed only by people with appropriate access


Saas Solutions

Ensure Accurate, Secure Legal Information

All organizations deal with legal documentation, whether it's as simple as a company's service contracts or as complex as a law firm's extensive paper trail of contact records.

Given the innate vulnerability of paper, enterprise content management is an ideal legal management software tool for keeping legally binding documents and related information secure from unauthorized viewing and tampering as well as protecting records in cases of disaster.

Tallega's enterprise content management solutions ensure easy access to documents and information for authorized users, while employing proven, industry-standard security features to keep others out.

Adding Tallega's document management solutions to your legal operation provide many benefits, including:

  • Create a secure repository for all legal content, such as contracts, release forms and affidavits

  • Automatically index records and information by client, department or any other classification for instant retrieval

  • Find the right documents with a single click, eliminating lengthy file cabinet searches

  • Ensure that sensitive legal files are viewed only by people with appropriate access

  • Check in and check out shared documents to improve collaboration and protect document integrity

  • Quickly gather reports, e-mail and other requested legal content to meet discovery requirements