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Industry Solutions That Scale With Growth

When we say Tallega offers document management systems for everyone, we really mean it. From healthcare firms to construction businesses, Tallega sell and supports multiple software products that are used across a wide range of industries.

Tallega is the preferred choice in customer service, from small businesses to international corporations. We provide the document OCR scanning software, document managment, document workflow, document storage, document security and endless integrations.

Banking And Financial 

With the constantly changing landscape of the financial services industry, organizations need technology that has a low total cost of ownership, can easily scale enterprise-wide and deliver proven return on investment.

Tallega helps organizations like yours meet these requirements as well as a growing number of compliance initiatives, including AML and the eSign Act. And Tallega's extensive capture and security features readily enhance disaster recovery plans.To learn more about these solutions, click here.

Higher Education 

Not every business environment is the same, and we understand that. That's why we want to make sure the product fits your higher educational environment. Tallega will never have to force-fit just one product because our flexibility in licensing and financing options can show you ROI on ECM in one year.

With our back office solutions, easily capture, access and track educational related documents and information in any process. Including your schools human resources, accounting, legal, payroll, SaaS Solutions and contract management. For more info on our educational solutions, please click here.


The legal industry is not only challenging but also demanding and dynamic, making it important for law firms to stay constantly updated. We believe every law firm wants to invest in “The Right” solutions for their companies. At Tallega Software, we believe “The Right” solution should have the attributes such as a balanced combination of process alteration and technology to achieve clearly defined business and operational goals.

The best way to get that is to work with someone that is experienced in the legal industry, and versed in multiple technologies and is not driven by the success of one product, but is driven by the customer’s short-term success, which will lead to a long-term relationship. Sometimes, a simple change to a business process can deliver stellar results. to learn more about our advanced business solutions that save time and money, click here.


Manufacturing and Distribution

Looking to connect remote warehouses, distribution points and business offices? With Tallega's electronic routing and workflow, you have the ability to speed review and approval of quality assurance test results, product data sheets, batch or lot information and more. Eliminating the manual inefficiencies of paper helps organizations save time and speed the documentation processes associated with production and distribution.

Electronically store and index all important documents relating to the operation of your facilities such as leases, contracts, vendor agreements, supplier warranty information and other administrative records. The secure centralized repository makes locating and retrieving documents quick and easy. Learn more about our manufacturing EMC and business solutions by clicking here.

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