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Document Management Systems for Every Industry

When we say Tallega offers document management systems for everyone, we really mean it. From healthcare firms to construction businesses, Tallega sell and supports multiple software products that are used across a wide range of industries. Tallega is the preferred choice in customer service, from small businesses to international corporations. We provide the document OCR scanning software, document managment, document workflow, document storage, document security and endless integrations.

Tallega's philosophies because real document management solutions have already been adopted by varied industries and have proven to be an enormous cost and labor saver for them. If you too wish to incorporate document management system into your organization, but are unsure if it will fit your industries' needs, read the industrial solutions below and find out how some of the leading industries adopted Tallega's sollutions.

Banking and Financial

Loan Processing  Banking Solutions   Legal & Compliance  Wealth Management

Connecting Documents, People and Progress

Enterprise document management and imaging with workflow from Tallega Software puts you in touch with the documents you need and with each other. With a single click, you’re able to work faster, more accurately and more collaboratively. For many financial services organizations worldwide, these benefits are already a reality.

The key is integration that weaves tightly into any existing loan origination, banking, and brokerage, ERP or other type of business software application — regardless of manufacturer or platform — without programming. Tallega integrates with Kirchman Bankway, NetOxygen, HELM, Lawson,Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle-PeopleSoft and more. By extending the functionality of your core applications, Tallega significantly increases staff productivity, helps automate and streamline customer service, and reduces the costs associated with storage, office supplies and mailing.

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Financial Landscape

With the constantly changing landscape of the financial services industry, organizations need technology that has a low total cost of ownership, can easily scale enterprise-wide and deliver proven return on investment. Tallega helps organizations like yours meet these requirements as well as a growing number of compliance initiatives, including AML and the eSign Act. And Tallega's extensive capture and security features readily enhance disaster recovery plans.

Enterprise-Wide Efficiencies

Tallega's products are flexible and scalable by design, and they are built for ease of use and rapid deployment, letting you quickly create efficiencies across your organization. In addition, the highly scalable architecture simplifies the cost-effective expansion into additional software applications and other departments, helping you implement those efficiencies throughout the enterprise. Single- or multi-server, one department or across fifty regional offices, 50 users or 5,000 — Tallega can adapt to your organization's unique document management needs.

Loan Processing

Speed Application Decisions

Tallega captures loan applications received in person or via e-mail, fax or online and sends them to the appropriate staff members for immediate processing. Incoming applications are automatically linked to your loan origination system, providing instant document access that speeds loan processing, underwriting and issuance and administration.

The flexibility of Tallega Workflow enables you to adapt it to mirror every step of your existing review process with one major difference — no paperwork delays. In addition, reporting features give managers a comprehensive overview of loan processing metrics, enabling them to better focus resources.

Expedite Loan Decisions

Instant access to the right files at the right time allows staff working in any location to work quickly and efficiently. Tallega's Workflow facilitates faster information sharing between brokers, broker service representatives, underwriters and other personnel, enabling them to make fast, informed loan decisions.

Improve Customer Service

With single-click access to loan files at any stage in the review process, you can quickly and confidently answer questions from customers and brokers. And as loans are processed faster than ever before, you'll boost customer satisfaction even more.

Simplify Loan Administration

The longer the term of a loan, the more correspondence, loan service requests and other documents accumulate. Managing loan files electronically in Tallega eliminates the financial and productivity costs of housing paperwork and enables your organization to efficiently manage each loan, from receipt of the application to purging the customer's file.

Protect Applicant Privacy

Unlike a paper storage system, which is virtually impossible to secure, Tallega safeguards application files in an electronic repository that only users with valid privileges can access. Advanced document and system security measures built in to Tallega's products — such as digital signatures, authentication and auditing capabilities — protect every file stored in the system.

Banking Solutions

Improve Customer Service

Tallega puts customer records at users' fingertips, enabling tellers, account managers and other staff to answer inquiries immediately. Tallega also enhances commercial financial services, back office operations, treasury, legal and other banking functions by replacing the paper chase with more efficient workflow processes that increase the number of transactions your staff is able to process, approve and complete each day.

Improve Work in Banking

 - Invigorate Retail Operations:

Importing applications, loan agreements, correspondence and other customer documents into the central repository and linking them with records in your banking systems provides a new level of document access to authorized tellers, loan officers and other staff members. Upon receipt, account applications are routed to the appropriate account manager via Tallega's Workflow for immediate action, and can even be sent on to others involved in account setup with just a single click. Instant document access and simplified workflow also speed the processing of deposits and other transactions. Storing signatures cards in Tallega's products also helps banks verify customer signatures before issuing funds, helping prevent fraud.

- Improve the Customer Experience

Customers expect a timely response to their inquiries; they do not want to be put on hold or called back after a search through a file cabinet. The seamless integration between Tallega and your banking applications puts any staff member, in any location, just a click away from the documents they need to meet these expectations.

- Boost Back Office Operations

Tallega captures key operational documentation, including corporate treasury service contracts, ACH payment authorizations, vendor agreements and Check21 image exchange agreements and stores them in a secure electronic repository that only authorized users can access. Full-text search capabilities give you the flexibility to find documents stored in Tallega's products using ad hoc queries, making it even easier to locate precise information at a moment's notice.

- Creating New Efficiency in Treasury Services

Tallega allows you to capture customer agreements electronically, link them to banking application records and quickly route them on for setup completion. Instant document access enables support areas to confirm the status of customer implementations and utilizations, and reporting features provide verification of turnaround times. Tallega also links Lockbox and/or Disbursement image files to AP and AR systems, giving commercial customers a new level of document visibility that speeds project completion. Tallega even supports the provision of add-on services such as image transmissions.

Wealth Management

Streamline Wealth Management Processes

In today’s competitive market, clients of wealth management firms have advisors vying for the opportunity to handle their financial affairs. Whether you’re managing investment portfolios or taking care of the family business, to keep your best clients and attract others like them, offering a better client experience gives you a competitive edge. Streamlining your administrative processes helps you improve customer service, while you reduce costs and strengthen compliance.

Tallega Software solutions for wealth management, including Tallega document management, imaging and workflow software, help you simplify time-consuming, paper-driven tasks, so you can focus on serving clients instead of shuffling paperwork. By managing documents and important content electronically, you have instant, secure access to the client information you need, whenever and wherever you are. And because Tallega's products are so flexible, you can expand them to electronically manage content across the whole enterprise, including in accounts payable and human resources.

Speed the new account process

Quickly and effortlessly gather account information, route it through workflow and track all the necessary data with Tallega in order to deposit client assets as soon as possible.

Enable advisors to work from any location

Keep all client documents and critical financial data at your fingertips, whether you’re in a client meeting, on the road, or in the office.

Move client assets more efficiently

Tallega's Workflow allows you to collect, route and process transfer paperwork when moving assets from one custodian to another, ensuring swift and accurate processing.

Improve the customer experience

When all the information you need is available at a moment’s notice, you can answer questions quickly and process paperwork faster, raising the standards for customer service.

Support compliance

Confidently support your compliance and retention plans with the ability to protect, secure and track all documents within Tallega's ECM products.

Lower operating costs

Managing documents electronically with ECM reduces spending on paper and storage, while potential efficiency gains contribute to ongoing savings.

Higher Education

Enrollment Services Advancement Services Student Life Services Athletic Compliance Core Facilities Management Business Office

Enhancing Student Service, Speeding Processes, Improving Collaboration Campuswide

From enrollment services to the business office to student services, documents and content are constantly moving across your campus. Your ability to manage and use this student-focused and business information impacts how effectively you serve students, staff, faculty, alumni and vendors. Managing this content within the context of the systems you use daily directly enhances your institution’s effectiveness and students’ success.

As the leading developer of ECM software products for higher education, Tallega Software uses ECM solutions that empower more than 400 colleges and universities worldwide to improve student service, streamline processes, enhance collaboration among departments, and achieve greater institutional efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage.

Our solutions, including Tallega's document management, document imaging and workflow, have been refined by well over a decade of experience in higher education and are constantly evolving based on collaboration with customers, industry expertise, and a commitment to superior engineering and innovation.

Enrollment Services

Speed Student Applicant Processing, Decisions and Improve Student Service

Your enrollment services departments — admissions, financial aid and registrar — are at the forefront of the higher education experience. Your primary responsibilities are delivering great student service and ensuring ongoing student success.

Tallega Software supports you in your mission by enabling you to:

speed admission processing, decision and service

make informed financial award decisions faster

speed student registration changes, while ensuring accuracy and supporting FERPA compliance

streamline credit evaluation from transcripts

all directly from the student information system you use every day.

Powerful document management tools and electronic workflow enable admissions and financial aid counselors, registrars, verification clerks and other key personnel to complete enrollment services processes faster than ever before.

At the start of each semester, before graduation, and at any other peak activity time, Tallega Software's ECM technology removes the stress of paper processes, freeing up enrollment service staff to meet students’ needs responsively and proactively.

Advancement Services

Enhance Service to Constituents and Improve Communication Across Departments

For universities and colleges of all sizes, the advancement office plays an enormous role in helping the institution reach its goals and meet its mission. Your office must efficiently manage campaigns to solicit, receive, process and disburse gifts, leaving no room for errors and ensuring positive relations with constituents, donors, alumni and friends.

And yet, the reliance of many schools on paper-based processes is inhibiting the ability of the advancement department to campaign effectively and reach its development goals. Often, the Advancement department has thousands of documents, email correspondences, faxes, PDFs and other types of unstructured content.

Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions from Tallega Software for gift processing and constituent management enable your advancement office to overcome content management problems and easily access documents and information relating to donors and prospects.

Our document management, document imaging and workflow software seamlessly integrates with your existing business and alumni software applications to deliver secure, digital versions of paper. With Tallega, checks correspondence, campaign plans and other content is captured, stored in an electronic repository, and automatically tied to the appropriate constituent record in your donor management system. Authorized users can then instantly access the information they need to streamline gift processing and build relationships with constituents, and share access to constituent files with the president, college deans, alumni association and other authorized users across campus.

  • Tallega Software ECM technology enables your advancement staff to:
  • Process gifts faster than ever before
  • Streamline campaign workflows
  • Deliver immediate service to prospective and existing constituents
  • Improve information sharing with other departments
  • Reduce costs associated with misplaced documents
  • Protect constituent privacy with security features
  • Stay compliant with development regulations
  • Boost employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Quick and easy access to donor and prospect information

Student Life Services

Improve Student Satisfaction and Retention

Today’s students are used to getting what they want, when they want it. From mobile communications with friends to online banking to drive-thru meals -- this generation wants everything quickly. Yet when it comes to higher education, paper-based processes can slow down student service across your campus.

A school’s ability to provide timely service has become crucial in the competitive higher education marketplace and is a key to schools retaining students once they’ve enrolled.

Tallega Software enterprise content management (ECM) technology, including document management, document imaging and workflow, are helping colleges and universities worldwide meet students’ expectations by creating new and greater efficiencies in student services departments.

Tallega captures student content sent via any medium and automatically ties it to the appropriate student record in your student and business systems. Authorized users in student health, residential life and other student services departments can then instantly access the information needed to meet students’ needs.

They can also use powerful document management features, capture additional information in electronic forms and share information with colleagues in real time with electronic workflow. With Tallega Software solutions, your student services departments can:

  • Increase student satisfaction by providing faster responses and more accurate information
  • Eliminate long lines that put stress on students and staff at peak times
  • Enhance teamwork between offices and departments by removing the limitations posed by paper
  • Protect student privacy with advanced security features
  • Improve information availability and visibility for authorized users

Extend Your Competitive Advantage

The athletics department has many functions -- recruiting, coaching, advising, compliance, accounts payable, human resources -- and ensuring academic success through collaborating with other departments on campus. It all adds up to caring about student success in competition and in the classroom.

The processes your athletic department manages are central to the ongoing success of your programs and critical to your institution’s success. Demonstrating institutional control ranks among your top priorities. Tallega Software ECM products, including document management, document imaging and workflow, can automate these key processes, create efficiencies across athletics, enable collaboration across campus and enhance your compliance efforts.

Using Tallega's ECM products, authorized users—from coaches to compliance officers to administrative staff—can instantly access the documents and content they need to help evaluate a recruit, verify eligibility for a student athlete, approve an invoice and more.

They can also perform advanced document management functions and easily and securely share information with colleagues across campus. With Tallega, your school’s athletics department can:

  • Demonstrate institutional control and ensure compliance with the NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA and other regulatory bodies
  • Speed recruiting, invoice approval, travel & expense, donor management, contracts management and other key processes
  • Improve information sharing with enrollment services to simplify eligibility procedures for the upcoming season
  • Protect student privacy by managing documents in a secure electronic repository

Core Facilities Management

Tallega Software's core facilities management system (CFMS) uses our proven process and content management technology to streamline the scheduling and management of shared resources across scientific research facilities. This improves efficiency and ensures your entire group is compliant with federal reporting regulations like NIH.

CFMS is built on BPMone to empower core directors to manage their devices, rates, user permissions, scheduling and invoicing from a secure, one-stop web interface. Internal and external principal investigators and post-doctorals can search for and schedule devices and consultations across your entire university — eliminating scheduling conflicts and administrative paperwork, and maximizing return for the investments you’ve made in your labs.

Genetic research’s needs are radically different from those of microscopy. CFMS adapts to meet these diverse needs. Each core can customize their scheduling and intake forms without IT or vendor assistance, and set up specific processes that feel natural to the university’s needs and the research user base.

Real-Time Utilization Reporting

With real-time utilization reporting, you can make purchasing decisions based on facts, not end user perceptions. In addition to controlling the processes of each core, the solution also provides instantaneous, ad hoc, real-time reports and dashboards of actual utilization for every device in every core. University staff will always know what is in demand and what is being under-utilized — and can confidently plan based on real usage data.

Meeting NIH Regulatory Compliance

Principle investigators have few requirements for the production of grant audit trails — in fact, almost none for grants under $500,000. CFMS provides two key means of achieving NIH compliance:

  • CFMS screens are generated dynamically so users cannot take non-compliant actions.
  • CFMS records every action that is taken in the core facility lifecycle in real time. The creation of these audit trails are completely transparent and unobtrusive, so the production of science is never slowed.

Measurable and Tangible Cost Savings

When using Tallega Software’s solutions, savings projections aren’t wishful thinking. ROI is delivered through process efficiency, avoiding costly audits, and making intelligent purchasing decisions based on real-world device usage. But on top of that, CFMS is built to recapture time for research and billable activities for principal investigators, post-doctorals, researchers and core directors — freeing them to produce science instead of paperwork and manual invoicing. Read more about Tallega Software's commitment to delivering measurable ROI.

Speed Processes in HR, Payroll, Financials and Contracts Management

At any higher education institution, the business office is an information hub. Whether it’s recruiting new faculty and staff, running payroll, processing invoices or managing contracts, this office and its sub departments handle a large volume of documents. Manually processing these documents slows turnaround time and service, hampers collaboration, inhibits relationships with applicants, vendors and other third parties and limits staff productivity.

Tallega Software's ECM solutions for the business office enable your team to overcome these challenges, making it easy to manage content throughout its lifecycle in a secure electronic environment.

Tried and tested at more than 400 colleges and universities and across over 1,000 campuses worldwide, Tallega's ECM products, including document management, document imaging and workflow, capture content regardless of format and tie it to business system records. Authorized users can then instantly access the information they need to do their jobs more effectively, from anywhere. They can share information in real time with electronic workflow and use data extraction, electronic forms and other advanced document management features to make the most of your institution’s data.

With Tallega's back office solutions, your institution can:

  • Speed financial, HR and payroll processes
  • Improve service to staff, faculty, students, vendors and applicants
  • Enhance information sharing with other departments
  • Manage the lifecycle of information to mitigate legal risks and strengthen compliance
  • Use advanced reporting and security features to ensure regulatory compliance and simplify audits
  • Increase staff productivity and satisfaction by eliminating manual tasks
  • Minimize paper-related costs

Manufacturing and Distribution

Tallega Software, Inc., provides powerful document imaging, document management and workflow solutions for organizations worldwide. Driven by a sophisticated technical architecture, Tallega Software's products integrate easily with your existing software applications to provide secure, digital images of paper and electronic documents supporting your core business processes.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Business Software Applications

Tallega Software's ECM enhances your existing business processes by digitizing paper and electronic documents, linking them to the appropriate records and making them accessible with a single click from your existing software applications. The sophisticated yet user-friendly design helps you remove the silos of documents and create a single repository that facilitates information sharing regardless of application or department, including Accounting, Customer Service, Production, Human Resources and many others.

Tallega has implemented with such ease and speed that you'll see immediate returns on your investment — whether it's creating a centralized electronic file for managing contract documentation, responding to customer inquiries more promptly or processing vendor invoices more quickly.



Streamline invoice and PO processing by scanning and indexing documents upon receipt. Facilitate productivity using automated workflow queues and electronically route invoices to the appropriate channels for faster approval. By optimizing your accounting processes, you increase the opportunity to capitalize on money-saving supplier discounts.

Customer Service

With Tallega, your customer service representatives can answer inquiries instantly by viewing specific customer specifications and POs directly from their desktop application. With Tallega's browser-based solutions, give customers the convenience of tracking their own shipments via secure Internet connection.

Production Processes

Connect remote warehouses, distribution points and business offices with Tallega's electronic routing and workflow to speed review and approval of quality assurance test results, product data sheets, batch or lot information and more. Eliminating the manual inefficiencies of paper helps organizations save time and speed the documentation processes associated with production and distribution.

Human Resources

Create a secure yet instantly accessible repository for incoming resumes, applications and all other recruitment-related documents that are both paper-based and electronic, such as fax or e-mail. Manage current employees' information changes and resolve payroll concerns by instantly reconciling against records in your HR application.

Worker Safety

Electronically capture and store Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), making it easy to update and maintain current information as you receive it. With electronic access, you can quickly find the appropriate MSDS in an emergency and take action rather than losing precious time wading through paper sheets.

Facility Management

Electronically store and index all important documents relating to the operation of your facilities such as leases, contracts, vendor agreements, supplier warranty information and other administrative records. The secure centralized repository makes locating and retrieving documents quick and easy.